The island Terschelling

From a great distance, the lighthouse known as De Brandaris welcomes visitors to the island. Thirty kilometres of extensive sandy beaches await you.

About Terschelling

Terschelling is one of the biggest Wadden Islands, and the third inhabited island. It is seen as the island of cycling among the Wadden Islands, with 70 kilometres of bicylce paths. Terschelling is also home to the natural reserve of De Noordsvaarder, wich possesses great natural beauty, quit and space. You always hear the North Sea and everywhere you can smell the Wadden Sea. Nowhere else in the Netherlands, so many landscapes, plants and animals can be found so close to each other.

Thirty kilometres of extensive sandy beaches await you on Terschelling, which are sometimes up to 500 metres wide. Stop on one of the many terrific recreational beaches and enjoy some ice cream or even a complete meal at one of the beach pavilion. Or you could choose to enjoy the silence of the more remote beaches.

The capital of Terschelling is West Terschelling. West Terschelling is very dynamic in the summer months, with their eateries, restaurants, cafes, pubs and clubs. During the day, you can indulge in the cozy streets and their many shops. The town on Terschelling have preserved much of their history. And many establishments wil compote, pastries, limonium honey, 'pondkoek', fresh sea bass and samphire.

Don’t miss

The statue of ‘Het stryper wyfke’ near Striep reminds of an old island legend, which tells the story of English soldiers who retreated when an old lady's words made them believe that the silhouettes they saw in the distant where soldiers, when in fact she was speaking of the graveyards. Her words are said to have been: they stand by the hundreds, but they lie by the thousands. 

The islands light house is the oldest still operating one in the country, and a landmark that can't be missed. Locals refer to it simply as ‘the tower’, and it's a square shaped, late 16th century structure. Unfortunately, the interior is not open for visitors.

The village harbour is a picturesque place. It's the arrival point for the ferries, but otherwise home base for many smaller boats. There are cosy cafés around, allowing to sit back and take in the atmosphere.

The shipwreck museum ‘De Boerderij’ displays the variety of things divers have found off the island's coast, from cups to an ejection seat.