Bachelor programs

MIWB offers four-year full time bachelor programs which also qualify for entry into various master programs. 

Unique environment

Studying at the Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz means studying in an unusual and unique environment. On the island, in a maritime atmosphere, a thorough preparation is made for working and functioning on board and in the maritime related industries. Team spirit and comradeship are essential in the shipboard environment. These aspects are encouraged through the way of living and learning at the Institute. In this culture women are quit an accepted phenomena and some 10% of our student are female.

Maritime Officer

In The Netherlands the training system for ship officers is called Maritime Officer (Marof). This system provides certification for both deck and engine discipline within the same person and in this format is unique in the world. The objective is to develop a better understanding and ability to control the whole vessel as a single system. the singular educational routes again leading to deck or engine officer is called the dual purpose.
Moreover, the program is considered to be a good preparation for a management position on shore at a later stage. Whitin the so called major-minor program, structure numerous specializations can be chosen from as well, such as the typical Dutch dredging technology but also deck and engineering specializations, offshore operations and hydrographic surveyor.

Hydrographic Surveyor

In 2002 the fulltime bachelor program in hydrography commenced at the Maritime Institute graduating hydrographic surveyors for the dredging and offshore industry and for governmental agencies. This program forms a natural extension of the Marof scheme whereby some of the topics are taken together as the hydrographer will function in close co-operation with the navigating officers when on board.
Hydrography literally means describing the waters. The work thus consists of making observations, measurements and soundings of all aspects in the water and on the seabed. These soundings then have to be processed to an accessible format for third parties requiring this information.
The hydrographer will usually start out as assistant surveyor and mature to senior surveyor. Then as party chief within a project he or she will be the contact point with the client and have the responsibility for the quality assurance.